Bridgeforte Attorneys

Bridgeforte Attorneys is the product of a merger of 3 Law Firms: Brickfield LP, Brookwood Associates and Raregem Solicitors. The Firm is peopled with Lawyers that have acquired decades of experience in commercial law and practice. We are a Client-centered, industry-focused Law Firm, uniquely positioned to assist our Clients achieve their business objectives in Nigeria.

Bridgeforte Attorneys is about you!

Our confidence and pride are in our Client’s satisfaction, and we consistently reassess our objectives in alignment with our Client’s business needs. With the Firm’s pooled experience of over four decades, our services and legal solutions are designed to impute premium value-add to our Client’s business.

Our People

With over 40 years of pooled experience, our Lawyers are seasoned, knowledgeable, and understand the peculiarities of each sector they work in, always striving to give our Clients cost-effective services delivered in a professional, ethical and innovative manner.



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