Our Immigration Practice provides immigration advisory services and support to individuals and a range of companies in various sectors of the economy, especially on compliance with immigration regulations.

We also offer Client support and logistics services through our professionally-minded paralegals to select high net-worth clients. Such services include Airport (Meet and Greet) Logistics, Hotel Logistics and other personalized Client needs.

In order to facilitate a responsive approach to your immigration and Client services need, we also operate out of Abuja, which is the seat of most governmental regulatory bodies/agencies and have over the years developed a cordial and professional interface with these agencies such as the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), Federal Ministry of Interior e.t.c. This enables us to keep abreast with Government’s policies in the various sectors of the practice area which enables us to offer the best service to our Clients in relation to immigration and other related matters.

We are also positioned to offer due diligence and investigation services for Embassies and foreign companies who wish to conduct background-check on documents and information submitted to them by Individuals in Nigeria. Given our strong investigation services offered through our IP practice, we have developed expertise on all manner of investigations that would be needed by Embassies, High Commissions e.t.c. and can cover any State in Nigeria and beyond effectively.